How much will an agent cost me?

Agencies in general charge a 15 percent commission for the projects they sell, and a 20 percent commission for overseas sales. Of course, there are variations; many charge extra for the costs incurred in selling your work--postage, phone bills, photocopies, and various operational costs. Some agencies don’t take a percentage at all, rather charging by the hour. Some charge a reading fee.


What is the benefit of hiring an agency?

Writers create their work with the intent of seeing it in print or on screen. A literary agent serves as a writer’s contact with the publishing and entertainment industries. An agent approaches the publishers and producers likely to take an interest in your work, submits your proposal, and negotiates your contract.

How much does NY Creative Management charge?

How much does NY Creative Management charge?

NY Creative Management charges 15 percent for domestic contracts, and 20 percent for overseas sales. We do not charge for any operational costs or reading fees.