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We Look Forward to Reading Your Work.

How to Submit Your Property
NYCreative Management welcomes the submission of new material. We understand the devotion and persistence required to complete a manuscript, and our goal is to help those writers see their work in print and on the screen, so we strongly encourage you to take the next step and send us a synopsis.

 Email a one-page description of your manuscript. This entails writing a brief, informational paragraph about your novel, non-fiction book, screenplay or magazine-length article, giving us the main idea and basic structure of your project. In the case of screenplays, a logline and a one page synopsis is required.

When we take on your project, it is the beginning of a solid working relationship in which we will review your manuscript with you and make suggestions. Ultimately, we will research suitable markets and actively promote your manuscript to find the best publisher or production company for your work.

We look forward to hearing from you and reviewing your work.